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Versa Garden Hydrophonic Plus

Dimensions [in] 22×16.5×7
Lighting [W] 10
Pump 106 GPH

Versa Garden is an Award Winning Product Showcase at the Global Pet Expo 2018

AQUAEL introduces yet another novelty product. The all new innovative product is brought to you in the UAE by aquascape.ae.

The innovative VERSA GARDEN modules are used to create green walls on the facades of buildings, fences and other vertical surfaces in your home and garden.

The VERSA GARDEN modules can be used both outdoors and indoors. They can be freely combined, allowing you to create breathtakingly beautiful, vibrant green walls that will enrich any garden, balcony, terrace or room, becoming what they call ‘neighbour’s envy, owner’s pride.’ The maintenance of these exceptional decorations only takes a few minutes a day. Use them to create unique plant arrangements even in a small space, covering the blank fragments of walls. This is an ideal solution for all lovers of greenery, with which plant care will be easier than ever!

Kit Includes



The VERSA GARDEN modules consist of interconnected trays for plant pots. Each module includes four stacked trays, and each tray holds up to three pots (in total, the module holds twelve standard pots 90 mm in height and 120 mm in diameter). The module can be mounted using the included wall plugs. Its installation is relatively easy and requires no special technical knowledge. One of the great advantages of this product is ease of operation. All you have to do is to pour water regularly into the upper tray. The water flows down through a network of tubules and equally irrigates all the plants in the entire module. The surplus of water is accumulated in the bottom tray. The trays are equipped with overflow channels to automatically maintain the water level and prevent overflow







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