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Juwel LIDO 120 LED

Juwel LIDO 120 LED

Dimensions: 61 x 41 x 58 cm
Weight: 24Kg
Litres: 120L
Type: Fresh Water & Marine (Adding a Juwel skimmer ensures optimum conditions for salt water tanks)

– Multilux LED 60, 2×12 Watt
– Eccoflow Impeller-Set 500
– Pump Eccoflow 500
– Bioflow Filter M – Filter System
– AquaHeat 100 – Automatic Heater



Cubism – with a sense for clear lines – is the stylistic note set by using the LIDO 120 LED. At 61 cm wide and standing an outstanding fifty eight cm tall, the Juwel LIDO a hundred and twenty LED is also perfect to be used as a saltwater aquarium.
The protection base frame guarantees specially safe positioning and permits you to installation your aquarium easily, with no want for unique supports.
Painstaking workmanship from Germany, top-first-class substances and flawlessly tuned technology guarantee the very first-class of fine and safety, meaning a protracted provider existence in your LIDO one hundred twenty LED.

Juwel LIDO 120 LED can be  chosen from black, dark wood, light timber and white.

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Black, White, Dark Wood, Light Wood, Grey

Add-On Aquarium/Cabinet Assembly Service

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