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Aquascape Setup Services

You want to relax and enjoy a Aquascape Nature Aquarium but have no idea how and where to start, come and talk to us we are happy to guide you through the process or even if you want to have one at your office or home without doing it yourself, we can do it for you.

Our professional aquascaping team will closely work with you to design the nature aquarium based on your space, budget and your personal liking. Thats not all, once the project is completed and delivered we will also guide you on how to maintain your new beautiful planted aquarium.

Below are the few steps that will will give you a brief idea of the process.

  1. Design and Consultation

    You have some ideas in mind but you don’t know how to achieve it or have the time to make it happen. We can help to design the aquascape that suits your needs. We can provide the layout materials, plants, and equipment.

  2. Setup and Install

    We can help to set up everything and arrange the whole aquascape based on the agreed design. You just sit back and enjoy…
  3. Maintain

    We also offer maintenance on a per visit/monthly basis as well so that you need not worry about maintaining these aquariums.  If you are tired of the existing look, we can also help to rescape your aquarium with a totally new look.

14 Days Quick-Start for your first Planted Tank!

If you are new to planted tank and would like a helping hand in creating one quickly without any unnecessary mistakes, here’s the great starting point for you!

Get the QuickStart package and let us handle the entire planting and cycling process for you. At the end of the 14 (to 21)days, we will deliver the tank set to you at your convenience.

Interested! To know more about nature aquarium for home or office.

Just make a call right away, one of our friendly staff will be happy speaking to you.

Call Us! 0508281829 or write it to info@aquascape.ae




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