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Red Lizard Catfish Whiptail


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size: 6cm

Red Lizard Catfish is unbelievably peaceful suckermouth catfish could be a brilliantly colorful, manageable, and rare fish that may create an exquisite addition to virtually any community aquarium!

The Red Lizard Catfish (Rineloricaria sp.), additionally referred to as the Red teiid lizard Catfish, could be a member of the Loricariidae family of South yank suckermouth catfishes. whereas several suckermouth catfish species have nevertheless to be bred on any major diatonic scale in aquariums, the Red Lizard Catfish has been bred by a couple of farms. This fish is extremely unique with its terribly thin, twig-like appearance. The origins of this fish are mysterious and undetermined. Most believe that it should be a man-made hybrid, and every one specimens within the fish tank hobby are tank-bred. It is suspected that one in every of the parent species of this fish may be Rineloricaria lanceolota, however this has not been solidly determined.

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Sold out!


The Red Lizard Catfish is primarily nocturnal, however can typically become active throughout daytime hours once established in Associate in Nursing fish tank with many driftwood, rockwork, and different concealment places. it’s not well-known to eat wood heavily like some suckermouth catfish (Panaque sp., etc.), however it should profit from some supplementary wood (or rather the biofilm on driftwood) in its diet. The Red Lizard Catfish won’t trouble most plants.  Feed the Red Lizard Catfish Associate in Nursing omnivorous diet. several breeders and keepers of this fish insist that it wants a daily offer of meaty live and frozen foods of acceptable size, cherish bloodworms and Daphnia. It will also appreciate being often fed some recent vegetables cherish shelled peas, spinach, zucchini and cucumber likewise as blanched green, leafy vegetables.






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