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Premium AA Aquarium (37 x 23.5 x 33.5cm)

BASIC Aquariums by AA is a line of easy to use all-in-one starter aquariums, each equipped with energy efficient LED lighting & fully closed tank top filtration and now equipped with an easy change filter cartridge. 

What’s in the box?

  • BASIC aquarium with LED on the hood

  • Fully enclosed tank top filter box with easy change cartridges and bio-balls. 

  • Water pump

  • USB adapter for LED (OP: 5VDC 1A)

  • Colour lens

Available in Classic rectangular, Box, Slim, Panoramic and Hexagonal. Sizes range from 8~70L or a length of 20~60cm.



Quick Startup Guide


  • Large hinged cover for easy removal of the filter box and pump for cleaning and complete freedom to decorate the aquarium. 

  • SMD LEDs are fully enclosed into a singular polycarbonate (PC) tube offering maximum protection against moisture. Each module comes with a USB plug, colour lens, and an adapter. 

  • Fully enclosed tank top filtration with Easy Change filter cartridge and bio-balls.

  • Easy change filter cartridge with filter wool and activated carbon.

  • A silencer is included for “Silent Mode”, which reduce the noise from water circulation





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