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Indian Catappa/ Almond leaves for healthy fish

Specially imported Indian Catappa Almond leaves 6 pcs pack

  • ✓IDEAL FOR ENCOURAGING BETTA BREEDING – Siamese fighting fish love to build bubble nests under these leaves and with the many beneficial properties of these leaves, your fish will be more apt to breed successfully. Guppies, mollies, and other live breeders will appreciate having catappa leaves in their habitat, too.
  • ✓THIS MINI LEAF HAS YOUR BACK – The catappa leaf, or Indian Almond leaf, contains the same beneficial ingredient found in red wine and grapes and humic which lowers your aquarium water’s pH. How do you unlock this superpower? Just drop the leaves into your tank. That’s it! Your fishes’ water is conditioned, the pH is lowered, and you can relax and take care of more important things.
  • ✓MAKE YOUR AQUARIUM MORE LIKE THEIR OWN HOME – Your pets are happiest when their aquarium or vivarium is more like their native habitat. Indian Almond leaves make great litter for frogs and snakes. They add an intriguing brownish tint to water which relieves stress in betta, cichlids, and shy fishes.
  • ✓THE SILENT GUARDIAN – This aquarium must-have item can minimize heavy metals in water, they’re rich in flavonoids (which keeps nasties out), and they condition the water. Adding these beautiful and practical leaves is like adding a sentry to guard your catfish, tetras, gouramis, and African frogs.
  • ✓EVERYONE WILL WANT TO KNOW – Exotic and one-of-a-kind, everyone who sees your aquarium will be enthralled by your original aquascape. Make your aquarium a conversation piece and present your bettas and snails in their best habitat.

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