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Green House Closed Terrarium


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Closed terrarium, green house type.


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We’ve been playing in the mud behind the scenes with our terrariums! If you haven’t seen one before, they are mini gardens inside glass. They are a little bit addictive and bring hours of entertainment.
If you are just heading into the terrarium world here are some tips:
Choose your terrarium. Any Size is possible from a tiny thimble size up to giant glass spheres. Some are sealed, others are left open. They can be short and wide or thin and tall. Each terrarium is completely individual.
Your set up should consist of gravel or sand at the base covered with soil. You can install your plants and use moss or stones to cover any remaining soil. This keeps the roots of the plants much happier.
Get the right plants. Each plant works in different ways to compliment the mini ecosystem.
Accessorise! Anything goes…pebbles, gravel, rocks, wood, ornaments, toy animals…the list is endless.
Get the care right. This depends on whether you have an open or closed terrarium. If it is sealed you should mist sparingly as little water is lost. This is great for keeping up the humidity. In an open terrarium make sure you keep up regular misting.




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