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JBL Proclean Aqua Ex 45-70

JBL Proclean Aqua Ex 45-70  is a Substrate cleaner (gravel cleaner) for cleaning aquariums with 45-70 cm in height

  • Sophisticated and highly effective gravel cleaner to siphon off waste in aquariums from 45 cm height upwards
  • Use: shake the gravel cleaner, let water flow into the bucket, siphon the waste out of the substrate, close the stopcock when finished
  • The round gravel cleaner has one corner which helps you move the dirt and reach the corners of the aquarium when you turn it
  • Safe for the animals: the protective sieve can be removed for cleaning and prevents plants, shrimps and fish from being accidentally sucked in
  • Package contents: 1 gravel cleaner with suction valve, 4 cm dia, length 27 or 46 cm, incl. 2 m hose (12/16 mm), 2 hose clips, stopcock

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