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Highlights of the BOYU Auto Feeder

  • Precisely engineered to render a superior stage of service
  • Sprucely crafted to provide a higher degree of functionality and efficiency
  • Constructed of superior grade material that proffers significant usage
  • Features an excellent assortment that you want in your fish keeping



BOYU Auto Feeder Features:
Real time and clean the use of controlling fashions make feed automatical. 24h real time controling model: it can be set 1~4times of feeding points within 4 hours. Easy using model: set the inner time for feeding only. Set for 1 or 2 circle feeding version which can control the feeding amount. Display and alarm while low voltage.

Display Instruction For LCD Screen:
Time-Real Time setup mode. Set-Time setup. Re-Remaining Time. S-Simple setup mode.
Number 1~4: It displays both the complete software number underneath the mode of “Time” or the feeding times in 24 hours beneath the mode of “s.
Arrow label: It displays the feeding circles. One method 1 circles and a pair of circles max. No method no feeding.
Time: It shows either the neighborhood time beneath the mode of “Time”, or the ultimate time for subsequent feeding below the mode of “s”.

Local Time setup:
Press MODE button, and select the hour and the minute by using SET button. Change the numbers by pressing the ADJUST button.

Attribute Key 1 Control Time
Attribute Key 2 Voltage
Attribute Key 5 Packaging Disclaimer
Attribute Value 1 24 Hour
Attribute Value 2 1.5 V
Attribute Value 5 Packaging may vary
Colour Name Black/Clear
Type of Pet Fish
Model Number B07NF79RD1




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