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Aquascape Aquarium 70 Kit 70x40x40

Aquarium Size:70x40x40 8mm glass thickness

Cabinet Size: 70x40x80H

Aquascape Aquarium 70 kit is developed for the most demanding aquascapers.

Crafted using 8mm thick glass made using highest standard ultra clear glass for maximum clarity under water.

About the Aquascape Aquarium cabinet

  • Built exceptionally strong to carry double the weight of recommended capacity
  • Built keeping aquascaping in mind, the cabinet can carry kgs, of rocks, soil, wood and other hardscapes
  • Has enough space to nest the largest canister filter and co2 bottles
  • Groves on right and left to direct canister hose
  • Groves at the back to transfer wires
  • Splash proof
  • Elegant doors and design






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