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Aquael Leddy Slim 16w Duo Solar Effect (Plant & Sunny)

Performance Stats
Aquarium Width [cm] 45 – 60
Power W 16
Dimensions [cm] (wxdxh) 42x6x2,5
Lumens 1550
Color Temperature K 6500/8000
Energy Class A+

Color: Black

The LEDDY SLIM DUO dual lamps are the first such lamps in the market.

Designed especially for freshwater aquariums, the lamp contains two rows of LEDs with a total power of 16 W (2×8 W). Half of them are SUNNY diodes, emitting light that is similar to natural sunlight, and the other half are PLANT diodes, designed for plants.



leddy slim 16w duoLEDDY SLIM DUO, innovative double LED lamps.

The LEDDY SLIM DUO lamps are intended for use in nano-tanks to create exceptionally favourable lighting conditions. The lamps have a uniquely modern design: they are made in the shape of a flat white panel that can be installed on the side or rear wall of the tank by means of a single holder.

The LEDDY SLIM DUO SUNNY & PLANT version is designed for freshwater aquariums. The lamp contains two rows of LEDs with a total power of 10 W (2×5 W). Half of them are SUNNY LEDs, emitting light that is similar to natural sunlight (colour temperature of 6500 K) and the other half are PLANT LEDs, designed especially for plants (colour temperature of 8000 K).

The lamp does not distort the natural colours of the tank interior and facilitates a rapid and unhampered growth of plants. It is ideal for use in small plant aquariums and in shrimp tanks.

The LEDDY SLIM DUO MARINE & ACTINIC version is designed for small marine aquariums. Just like the freshwater version, it contains two rows of LEDs with a total power of 10 W. Half of them are MARINE LEDs, emitting a strong white light with a colour temperature of 10000 K, which provides excellent conditions for the growth of corals. The other half are ACTINIC LEDs, emitting a blue actinic light, which enhances the colours of marine animals.

The use of LEDDY SLIM DUO lamps means considerable savings thanks to lower energy consumption and a long service life (the service life of light-emitting diodes is much longer than that of conventional fluorescent lamps).

Two different types of light emitted by a single lamp provide a convenient way for ensuring comprehensive illumination of any nano aquarium.

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