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Aquascapeplants Ludwigia repens ‘super red’

Size: Pot

Ludwigia repens ‘super red’ is easy to maintain and can still achieve intense wine red color.

  • Undemanding
  • Makes a good show with larger groups
  • Intense super red color
Synonyms Ludwigia aff. glandulosa, Ludwigia repens ‘Rubin’, Ludwigia sp. ”Weinrot”
Family Onagraceae
Genus Ludwigia
Difficulty easy
Usage Accent (red), Background, Midground
Aquascaping very colourful plant for accents
Growth fast



Aquascapeplants are a type of aquatic plant that are specifically selected for use in aquariums and aquascaping. These plants are carefully selected for their ability to thrive in an aquatic environment and their aesthetic appeal.
Aquascape plants come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, making it easy for aquarium enthusiasts to create a visually stunning underwater landscape. These plants are also beneficial for the overall health of the aquarium, as they help to oxygenate the water and remove harmful toxins.
Some popular types of aquascape plants include:
• Java moss
• Anubias
• Amazon sword
• Cryptocoryne
• Dwarf hairgrass
• Java fern
Aquascape plants come in variety of care level from beginners to expert depending on their care level. They can be planted directly into the substrate of the aquarium, or attached to rocks or driftwood using fishing line or glue.
Overall, aquascapeplants are a great addition to any aquarium and can help create a beautiful and healthy underwater environment for fish and other aquatic creatures.

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