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Aquascape Aquarium Cabinet White

We manufacture the best quality Aquascape Aquarium Cabinet that last for years.

We select the quality high density wood with 18mm thickness that can width stand much more weight than of the fully filled aquarium.

We follow the heart of hobbiest that is why our cabinet has both side groves for filter pipes. The cabinet has lots of space to store those filter sponge packs and all those additive bottles in the cabinet shelf. One side of the cabinet has space to store the biggest size canister filter out there.

The cabinet is fully customisable be it size, color and finish.

Key features:

  • Built exceptionally strong to carry double the weight of recommended capacity
  • Built keeping aquascaping in mind, the cabinet can carry kgs, of rocks, soil, wood and other hardscapes
  • Has enough space to nest the largest canister filter and co2 bottles
  • Groves on right and left to direct canister hose
  • Groves at the back to transfer wires
  • Splash proof
  • Elegant doors and design


Dimensions N/A
Size & Color

L45xW30xH80, L60xW30xH80, L80xW40xH80, L90x40x80, L100x40x80, L120xW45xL80






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