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    API Freshwater Master Test Kit

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    The API FRESHWATER MASTER TEST KIT measures the 4 most important levels in freshwater aquariums quickly and accurately, including pH, high range pH, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. With scientific accuracy for professional results, the reusable FRESHWATER MASTER TEST KIT comes with 4 glass test tubes with snap-tight caps and a convenient holding tub for easy storage. Also includes a step-by-step instruction booklet with a color chart that provides information on how to correct unsafe water conditions.

    We recommend that you take a few minutes each week to monitor your aquarium conditions and create a better underwater world for your fish. Testing your aquarium water has never been so easy or accurate!

    API Freshwater Master Test Kit contains 800 tests and includes 7 test solutions, easy-to-ready instructions, 4 glass test tubes and color chart

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    API Replacement Test Tubes for Aquarium Liquid Test Kits, 24 count

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    API® TEST TUBES are compatible with any aquarium or pond water test kits and are perfect for testing more water parameters at one time.

    The pack includes 24 glass test tubes with snap-tight plastic caps.

    Size: 24 pcs per box

    SKU: AI32
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    Very sensitive and easy to perform Phosphate water test

    The very sensitive and accurate Easy-Life Phosphate testkit is suitable for fresh water and marine aquariums. There are two different ranges within the testkit. A low range from 0.00 – 0.10 mg/l (ppm) and high range from 0 – 2.5 mg/l (ppm). The Easy-Life Phosphate water test only needs 1 reagens!

    Easy-Life Phosphate PO4 test

    • suitable for fresh water and marine aquariums
    • easy to use, reliable and ultra sensitive
    • colortest, easy to compare with a color chart
    • PO4 detectable from 0.01 mg/l (=ppm)
    • low range: 0,00 – 0,02 – 0,04 – 0,06 – 0,08 – 0,10 mg/l (=ppm)
    • high range: 0,0 – 0,5 – 1,0 – 1,5 – 2,0 – 2,5 mg/l (=ppm)
    • testkit accounts for 75 tests

    Note: For a phosphate content above 2.5 mg/l (=ppm) the water sample from the aquarium can be cut with water without phosphate (distilled water, RO water or tap water often). The PO4 concentration higher than 2.5 mg/l can be determined.

    SKU: TPH 01
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    Potassium: at least as important as iron!

    Potassium is a macronutrient and at least as important as iron for a good and healthy plant growth. Therefore it is important to check the level of potassium to prevent too low levels and keep them in a healthy range ( 10-15 mg/l). The Easy-Life Potassium test is a color test with a color chart.

    Optimum level for a planted aquarium

    Aquarium plants benefit from 10 -15 mg/l (=ppm) of potassium. A level below 5 mg/l (=ppm) is not desirable and can lead to growth problems, yellowing of the leafs and deformations, Often lack of potassium is confused with lack of iron, also because potassium was very difficult to measure until now. If the level is too low, extra potassium will help the plants te recover soon and they will color deep green.

    • Easy-Life Potassium (K) testkit
    • user-friendly and reliable
    • color test with color test with easy-to-read color chart
    • Measuring range from 0 to 25 mg/l (ppm) Potassium
    • 1 testkit accounts for 50 tests
    SKU: TPF 01
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    The numbers tell the tale

    In order to achieve an optimal situation in an aquarium, it is extremely important to regularly test the water quality. The Easy-Life 6in1 Test Strips are quick to use and extremely accurate.

    The Easy-Life 6in1 Test Strips give you the results to six important water parameters within 60 seconds.

    The following six important water parameters are measured:

    • Acidity level pH
    • Carbonate hardness KH
    • Total hardness GH
    • Chlorine (Cl)
    • Nitrite concentration NO2
    • Nitrate concentration NO3


    Packaging quantities

    50 strips per packaging.

    SKU: TST 61
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    JBL Easy Test 6-in-1

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    Size: 300 tests

    Test strips for quick aquarium water testing.

    Key Features:
    Test strips for testing 6 important water values in 1 minute: quick test for aquarium, pond, well and tap water.
    Easy To use: Move the test strip in water for 2-3 seconds. Take test strip out of water. Drain off the water horizontally. After 1 minute: compare test strip with colour scale on the package.
    Determination of following values; chlorine, acidity (pH), general hardness (GH), nitrite (NO2), nitrate (NO3) and carbonate hardness (KH) of the water.
    Quick test to outline the water conditions – orientation test in 1 minute.

    SKU: JB2533900
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    JBL ProAquaTest Easy 7in1

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    Size: Unit

    Test strips for quick aquarium water testing.

    Key Features:

    • Test strips for testing 7 important water values in 1 minute: quick test for general guidance when testing aquarium, pond, well and tap water
    • Easy to use: Move the test strip in the water for 2-3 seconds. Remove the test strip. Let the water drain off sideways. Compare the test strip with the colour scale on the packaging after 1 minute. Read off the CO2 value in the table
    • Determines the following water values: chlorine, acidity (pH), general hardness (GH), toxic nitrite compound (NO2), cause of algae (NO3), pH stability (KH) and main plant nutrient (CO2 content using the table)
    • Further tests for phosphate or ammonium/ammonia etc. are available as individual tests in the JBL program
    SKU: JB2414400
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    JBL ProAquaTest Lab Marin

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    JBL ProAquaTest Lab Marin

    • Monitors the water values in marine aquariums simply and reliably. Determines: pH value, carbonate hardness, calcium, magnesium, copper, ammonium, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate, silicate, oxygen.
    • Easy to use: add water to cuvette, add indicator, compare on scale / count drops until colour changes.
    • Comparator system takes the inherent water colouring into account. Incl. water analysis report sheets & pen.
    • Childproof reagent bottles, waterproof plastic case, refill reagents separately available.
    • Package contents: 1 test case, incl. 29 reagents, 12 glass vials, 2 plastic cuvettes, 2 syringes, 3 measuring spoons, thermometer, pen, report sheets and analysis sheet, laboratory comparator system & detailed instruction for use.
    SKU: JB2408200
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    JBL ProAquaTest NH4 Ammonium +

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    • Simple and reliable monitoring of ammonium (NH4) and ammonia (NH3) in aquariums/ponds. Checks the biological balance (bacterial activity) in freshwater and marine water.
    • Laboratory comparator system to compensate the inherent water colour: fill glass vials with sample water, add reagents to one vial, place vials in holder, read values off colour chart and table.
    • Use: when setting up a new freshwater aquarium: once a day. Initial setup with marine water: once a week. For use in case of fish diseases or fish deaths.
    • You will find detailed information and troubleshooting tips about water analysis on the JBL website in Essentials/Aquarium or Pond.
    • Package contents: 1 quick test, ammonium test NH4 for approx. 50 measurements. Incl. 3 reagents, 2 glass vials with screw caps, syringe, comparator block and colour scale. Reagent refill separately available.
    SKU: JB2412117
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    JBL Testlab Marin

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    Professional kit for marine water analysis : pH, Ca, Mg, KH, Cu, NH4, NO2, NO3, PO4 & O2

    SKU: JB2550300
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    Size: Unit

    pH Alert is a unique color device designed to be placed in the aquarium or filter and monitor pH continuously. A sensor changes color reversibly from yellow to orange to red alerting you to shifts in pH levels between 5.4 and 8.0. Freshwater use only.


    • Continuously monitors pH in freshwater
    • Seachem sensor technology
    • No tests, no strips
    • Lasts up to 4 times as long as competing products
    SKU: SE20

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