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Tetra Discus Colour 250ml

Tetra Discus Colour

Complete food with highly effective colour enhancers for all Discus with red pigments.

  • Complete food
  • Growth-promoting
  • Intense colours
  • Digestive

The food is scientifically developed to meet the specific needs of Discus with red pigments

Carefully selected mix of nutrients, vitamins and trace elements ensures optimal health and condition

Highly effective colour enhancers ensure beautiful red colouration

Natural ingredients like shrimps or anchovies support healthy growth and excellent palatability

All Tetra foods are highly digestible to reduce waste and support clean and clear water

The special formulations and properties of Tetra Discus granules are scientifically developed to meet the sophisticated feeding demands of Discus

Slowly sinking granules allow Discus to feed naturally

Because of size also recommended for young Discus

Intensive research and development, carefully selected ingredients, state-of-the-art technology and permanent quality control ensure you’ll always receive best quality








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