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Lava Rock Per Kg 1-4cm

Size: 2-4cm stones

Lava Stones are an ideal substrate for planted aquariums. Lava stones sizing .5,1,2cms can be easily placed under the plant soil giving strong growth to the plants. Lava stone helps the plant to root faster and better.

Lava Stones can also be used to give slopes or to reach the desired aquascape outcome.

Ideal for all external canister / larger filters / sumps, or for decoration purposes in the aquarium, great for attaching plants too.

LAVA rock is a high pleasant natural rock with remarkable homes for water filtration.

Excellent organic media for any aquarium. Use in any type of filter out compartment* with a massive surface location and porosity it provides an ideal domestic for all styles of critical beneficial bacteria.

Once mature the media will system waste (nitrification) or even ruin it down/reduce nitrate (denitrification).

More powerful biologically than ceramic rings / sponges and many other artificial media types. This media may be left
almost indefinitely (possibly a rinse with tank water to remove detritus every few months) Inert herbal product – will
not regulate PH / water chemistry.








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