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JBL ProSilent A200

JBL ProSilent A200

Size: 200 L/h

Air pump for fresh and saltwater aquariums from 50 to 300 litres.

Key Features:
Health and well-being for fish and plants: air pump for fresh and saltwater aquariums from 50 up to 300 litres.
Easy to install: connect pump with air hose and air stone. Mount pump outside aquarium, place air stone inside the aquarium.
Reduced noise level: noise suppression air chamber, vibration dampening silicone feet, reinforced housing wall, adjustable air outlet, 90° rotatable air connection with hose screw connection.
TÜV tested, powerful: 200 l/h air output with > 160 mbar air pressure with only 3.5W consumption, check valve prevents backflow of water into the pump.






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