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Say GOODBYE to GREEN and HELLO to CLEAN. AA Aquarium’s Green Killing Machine gets rid of cloudiness, algae & bacteria to present your fish the crystal clear water they want for ideal health!.
The #1 UV inside the US – over ½ Million sold. Patented era that no one else has and the ONLY UL Safety Tested inner UV kit – Be safe with your tank and fish!.
Patented Sealed UV BULB – you by no means contact glass! Chambered bulb meeting for high water reside time and extraordinary efficacy! No gloves-No mess-EZ bulb changes!.
NO TOOLS REQUIRED! 10 minute installation – Follow simple steps to get clean water in days. No Guessing – Control Box LED tells you while to change bulbs!.


Sold out!


Keep your fish healthier and tank clearer with an advanced UV machine for your aquarium – the Green Killing Machine. UV biologically cleans the water for your tank! When you want to control the bacteria in your fish tank and want to safely do away with algae, improve clarity, and keep fish healthy, you need the AA Aquarium Green Killing Machine; an superior UV device that’s higher for your tank and your fish. Complete with a energy head, this in-tank UV device helps get rid of impurities by the use of confirmed UV mild technology and preventing growth of unwanted microorganisms. And because set up is short and easy, you may add it to almost any tank to make aquatics less complicated and more enjoyable.

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