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Co2Art NEW Precision Pro-Series Bubble Counter Kit

New Precision Pro-Series Bubble Counter Kit

The only bubble counter in the market for inline and regulator installation 2 in 1 with adapter. Additional two suction cups for an easy outside tank installation.

Our new Pro-Series bubble counter designed with an innovative solution; an additional adapter for the regulator installation M10x1 (compatible with all CO2Art regulators).

A must-have for any tank with CO2 injection, a bubble counter allows easy estimation of the CO2 injection rate by counting how many bubbles pass through the counter per minute.
An integrated check valve prevents water from the bubble counter chamber from siphoning back into fragile and expensive CO2 equipment such as regulators and solenoids.

Bubble counter use
Lose the cap ( upper part ) and fill the reservoir with clear water then fasten the cap firmly. Secure the CO2 pipe according to the inlet and outlet indication marks with the screw node.








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