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Bio sphere filter media 1kg

Bio balls are a type of biological filter media commonly used in aquariums. Here are some benefits of using bio balls in aquarium filtration:

1. Increased beneficial bacteria: Bio balls provide a large surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow and thrive. These bacteria are responsible for breaking down harmful ammonia and nitrite into less harmful nitrates in the aquarium water.

2. Improved water quality: As harmful substances are broken down by beneficial bacteria, the water quality in the aquarium is improved. This results in clear and healthy water for aquatic life to thrive in.

3. Low maintenance: Bio balls are low maintenance and need to be cleaned only occasionally. They are also easy to handle and replace.

4. Versatile: Bio balls can be used in different types of aquarium filters, including canister filters, sumps, and wet/dry filters.

5. Cost-effective: Bio balls are cost-effective and can be purchased in bulk. This makes them a popular choice for aquarium hobbyists who want to maintain a healthy environment for their aquatic pets without spending a lot of money.

Overall, the benefits of using bio balls in aquarium filtration include improved water quality, low maintenance, versatility, cost-effectiveness, and increased beneficial bacteria.






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