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Betta Mini Jolly Heater 10W

Size: 10w

JOLLY heater are designed for small freshwater, marine and turtles tanks. Their plastic casing makes them very durable and safe. These heaters can be placed beneath the gravel, making them a good choice for turtle or reptile tanks. JOLLY is always on when submersed. It stops working only when unplugged. The built-in thermal protection intervenes when the heater isn’t under water, preventing overheating (LED light OFF even if Jolly is plugged in). Performance can vary according to the following parameters: – Quantity of water – Room temperature – Open or closed tank



Top characteristics

  • ON-OFF Led light indicator
  • Chew-safe spiral cord cover
  • Adhesive decorations are included to blend in with the aquarium environment



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    Ultra Heater 25W with Built-in-Thermostat

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    Size: 25w

    Absolutely Unbreakable!

    The ULTRA HEATER series comprise the first smart aquarium heaters on the market using the SHS system with shatterproof housing. Equipped with precise (±0.25°C) electronic thermostat, built-in thermometer and overheating alarm. Perfect for use in aquariums for water turtles and large fish. They are burn-proof and can be safely installed in tanks with very sensitive organisms.


    • One Touch System – convenient temperature control with one button
    • Built-in thermal switch – the heater is automatically switched off in case of excessive temperature increase in hot weather
    • Fully electronic – no parts of the thermostat are prone to mechanical failure
    • Built-in electronic thermostat – displays current water temperature in the tank using a colour-display
    • Crack-resistant enclosure made of special plastic
    • Precise electronic thermostat (+/-0.25°C)
    • Heater operation and current temperature indicated with colour LEDs
    • Suited for operation in freshwater and saltwater aquariums
    • The ULTRA HEATER deices are manufactured according to the most stringent European safety standards, ensuring safe operation and maintenance.
    • Each unit is tested and calibrated at the AQUAEL laboratory, ensuring precision.
    • Made in Poland
    SKU: 115511




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