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Aquael Moon Light

Power [W] 1
Dimensions [cm] (wxdxh) 4,5×3,5×5,5
Night lighting for every aquarium

The Aquael MOONLIGHT LED night lamp imitates the moonlight to create lighting conditions similar to those found in the natural environment. Suitable for freshwater and marine aquariums. Two installation options: using a suction cup or a magnetic hanger.



MOONLIGHT LED is a nocturnal aquarium lighting. It has the form of a small round module equipped with four blue LED diodes of total wattage of just 1,0 W. It can be installed both under and outside of the water. Installation of lighting is facilitated thanks to the double hang-on system consisting of strong suction cup and magnetic hanger.

The lighting can be safely immersed in water (both fresh and salt) since it conforms to IPX8 water-tightness standard, meaning that it is completely secured from water. The 5 V technology in which the device is produced, ensures total security for both the animals inhabiting the tank and their owner. The strong blue light emitted by MOONLIGHT LED illuminates the tank interior perfectly imitating the natural moonlight. It ensures perfect feeding conditions for nocturnal animals. It has been also experimentally proven that application of such a type of lighting can stimulate reproduction of so called “problematic” fish species that tend to be reluctant to spawn in aquarium.

MOONLIGHT LED is also perfect for small marine tanks with corals as actinic lighting. It intensifies the fluorescence effect of corals and makes them look more attractive. The double hanger makes the lamp easy to install practically everywhere, both to the tank glass as well as the cover or other elements of aquarium equipment. MOONLIGHT LED can be successfully used for purposes not related with aquaristics, e.g. for lighting small indoor spaces.






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