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Rotala Blood Red


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Rotala rotundifolia Blood red ‘Singapore’ is a real eye-catcher as an about 20 – 40 cm high bush in the midground and background. It contrasts particularly well with light green plants and adds a rich red tone to the varied shades of R. rotundifolia forms.

  • Newest plant offering from aquascapeplants
  • Also called Rotala “Blood Red Singapore”
  • The Rotala rotundifolia form with the richest red
  • Forms a striking colour accent
  • No high demands

‘Singapore Blood Red’, also “Blood Red Singapore”, certainly has the most intense red colouring of all Rotala rotundifolia forms. Under the same conditions, this Rotala has a darker red shade than R. rotundifolia ‘Colorata’. As with “normal” Rotala rotundifolia, the shoots grow mostly upright to ascending, in very strong light also more or less horizontally. As with “normal” Rotala rotundifolia, the shoots grow to over 50 cm long, but look better if they are kept about 20 – 40 cm high by cutting and replanting cuttings. They branch quite well, the bushy growth is promoted by occasional pruning.

This splendid red stem plant shares fast growth and easy culture with other forms of round-leaved Rotala. It still grows in moderate lighting and without added CO2, but looks best with strong light, added CO2 and complete macro and micronutrient fertilisation through the water column. Propagation is easy via head cuttings and side shoots.


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