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Marimo Moss Ball

  • Marimo moss ball is also known as Aegagropila Linnaei
  • Used in many iwagumi layouts or to even create carpet
  • One of the easiest plant to maintain
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Velvety, Lush green balls
  • The plant is very slow growing
  • Can be divided into several smaller pieces
  • Recommendable for shrimp tanks



Their lush green color, velvety texture and minimum care makes the marimo moss balls perfect selection for aquascaping. Marimo moss ball can be used in large format aquariums and is easy to keep even in small nano aquariums. Marimo mall ball is Japanese native and found majorly in lake Akan. Marimo moss is a national treasure in Japan and also believed to bring good luck. As it is popularly known Marimo moss ball is not a moss, in actual they are noninvasive algae, also known as Aegagropila Linnaei. Apart from Japan the moss balls are also found in parts of Europe and Iceland as they love cold water to grow.

Very easy to take care marimo moss ball is best for beginners. The balls can be flattened to make it look like a carpeting plants. Its easy to take care because they do not need any fertilization nor co2. The moss ball doesn’t love lot of light and should be under low to med lighting.

Under good conditions larger moss balls can grow baby balls that later will detach from the parent. Marimo can live for many years and in the Japanese culture it is passed from one generation to another as a unique living keepsake.

Tap water is safe for the moss to grow well just need to keep the water clean so that marimo moss ball thrives. The moss ball can be cleaned by gently squeezing in the water to let out any dirt from it, making it lush and fresh all over again.

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