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Juwel Eccoskim Surface Skimmer

JUWEL EccoSkim combines the benefits of a surface skimmer with a compact design and powerful adjustable surface-skimming capacities. With a performance of 300 l/h at consumption of only 4.4 W, the JUWEL EccoSkim guarantees effective surface skimming for freshwater and salt-water aquariums.

The sucking power of the Juwel EccoSkim skimmer allows residue film and other organic residues to be quickly removed from the surface of the water, in turn allowing light to reach the bottom of the aquarium compared to when residue films and other dirt remains on the surface which in then decreases oxygen content and the vitality of plants and fishes.

Technical Details:

Measurements: 8 x 3,5 x 17,5 cm
Pump Power l/h: 300 l/h
Energy Consumption: 4.4 watts
Cable Length: 238 cm






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