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Electronic powered vaccume aquarium cleaner

“Effortlessly clean your aquarium with this innovative electric vacuum cleaner, ensuring a fresh and healthy environment”
Multiple Functions: This aquarium gravel cleaner is designed to clean up small gravel and change water of fish tank. It also can remove the dirt, residue from the bottom of aquarium to keep a clean and healthy environment of fish, turtle and other creatures.
Adjustable Length: With the flexible and stretchable tube for adjustable length, this siphon pump is fit different water depth. Supplied with two suction pipe sizes, work for both large and small aquariums.
Ergonomic Design: Ergonomic handle for secure and comfortable grip with operation ease. Come with gravel and sand filter mesh bag, fully repeated for durable use.
Easy To Use: Top handle part can be hung on the rim of fish tank, the cleaner helps to free your hands and clean the tank effortlessly. If the suction decreased, please try to turn off the power supply and open the product to check whether blocked.






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