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Seiryu Rock

We have some of the exclusive and the best hardscapes supplies available in the UAE, and one of it is the Seiryu Rock.
The Seiryu Rock is a stone in shades of black/ grey with beautiful white veins.
Perfect for aquascaping.
This rock is sold on a Kg basis, this one size M will weigh about .800gms to 1kg and large rock will weigh 1.2 to 5 kg

Each rock is unique in size and colour, so the presentation photo is not contractual.

Please note. The below mentioned unit per pcs refers to per kg unit.



Seiryu rockSome tips before using Seiryu rock and other natural rocks:

  • Please rinse the Seiryu rocks and stones with water before use. Some rocks contain dust and deposits. Please use a brush to clean it before inserting the stones into the aquarium.
  • You can easily test whether a rock is inert or changes the pH and hardness slightly. Simply place a few drops of vinegar on the rock. If vinegar (a basic substance) fizzes or moss, it indicates that the rock contains calcium.
  • Calcium-containing stones will change pH and kH,which can be particularly pronounced if you have acidic water or CO2. You can easily control it by regular water changes with osmotic or soft water. You can also use a permanent water softener.
  • Rocks can be very heavy and sharp. Therefore, avoid placing them directly on the glass,simply place the substrate before placing the hardscape. The substrate will also help you fix the exact position of the stone with more freedom.
  • Always fix the stones,especially when you place one stone on another. During regular maintenance, the top rock can move or fall by accident, injuring your inhabitants or even damaging the aquarium.
  • Remember to always place the stones a few centimetres from the walls of the aquarium to facilitate maintenance.






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