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Complete Closed Terrarium Kit – Make your own Terrarium DIY

Create your own indoor plant Terrarium with this complete Terrarium kit. Everything you need to make your own closed Terrarium including plants. The glass jar with cork lid is the perfect vessel for humidity loving plants. The Terrarium Jar included measures 17cm diameter at widest point x 25cm height.

What is included?

The following items are included in your kit:

  • Terrarium Soil – specialist blend for humidity loving plants
  • Terrarium Jar with cork lid measures 17cm diameter at widest point x 25cm height (please note that the jar shape/size may vary slightly to featured image depending on availability)
  • Activated Charcoal – enough to create a fine layer which is vital to prevent mould building up & to add a layer of filtration
  • A small bag of grit for your drainage layer at the base of the terrarium
  • 3 x humidity loving plants are included, these are selected based on stock availability.  But usually include a Fern, Fittonia and/or Polka Dot Plant, Pilea
  • Decorative Stones – to add dressing around your plants
  • Cushion Moss – to add dressing around your plants



So what is a terrarium?

A terrarium is a sealed or partially sealed glass container used for growing and displaying plants. It is designed to create a miniature ecosystem with its own water cycle, providing a controlled environment for the plants to thrive.
Here are some benefits of having a terrarium:
1. Low-maintenance: Terrariums generally require very little maintenance compared to traditional gardens. They create their own self-sustaining environment with minimal watering and pruning needs.
2. Indoor greenery: Terrariums allow you to bring nature indoors and enjoy the beauty and freshness of plants, even in small spaces that may not have access to natural light or suitable outdoor conditions.
3. Easy to care for: If you have a busy lifestyle or lack a green thumb, terrariums can be a great option. They require less attention and can survive for longer periods without regular care.
4. Decorative element: Terrariums serve as natural and beautiful decor items to enhance your living or work spaces. There are endless design possibilities, ranging from simple and minimalist to lush and intricate, allowing you to showcase your creativity.
5. Air purification: Plants in terrariums can help purify the air by removing toxins and releasing oxygen. This can create a healthier and more enjoyable living or working environment.
6. Education and observation: Terrariums offer a wonderful opportunity for learning about ecosystems, plant growth, and the water cycle. They provide a close-up view of plant development and can be a great educational tool for kids and adults alike.
Remember, different types of plants require different care, so it’s important to choose the right plants for your terrarium and provide them with appropriate amounts of moisture and light.




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