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Golden Apple Snail


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Golden Apple Snail


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The golden apple snail (Pomacea bridgesii), which is likewise recognized below the names apple snail, thriller snail and golden thriller snail, is a large, famous fresh-water snail. Originally discovered at some stage in the Amazon river basin, it has now unfold to Hawaii, Southeast Asia and has been lately mentioned in Florida.

In the wild, golden apple snails spend maximum in their lives submerged in water, rising most effective to once in a while forage and at some stage in mating to lay their eggs on land. Even aleven though they spend the bulk in their lives below water, they nonetheless require air to breath, and achieve this thru extending a specialised respiration tube (siphon) to the surface of the water.

While they’re satisfactory recognized for the yellow colour variation, the pomacea bridgessi does are available in many special colors. It’s no wonder that the yellow variation is the maximum famous and extensively available, however you will additionally locate albino, brown and a almost black colour withinside the aquarium trade.

When trying to buy a golden apple snail, it’s crucial to recollect that they could develop to a big length as compared to other snails. Most are offered whilst they’re below 1 inch (2.5cm) in diameter, however they could develop to big five inches. Some extraordinarily properly fed and cared for can develop to an aquarium busting 6 inch diameter.

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