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Bioline Pet Comb White Cat/Dog

Bioline Self-Cleaning Comb

Material : PP + TRP + Stainless steel needle

Applicable for: Dog and Cat

Note : Do not use when pet has a wound. Please clean the hair in time after use and keep it dry. Keep out of reach of children.

Grooming your cat is an important part of keeping them happy, healthy, and well-groomed. Not only does it keep their coat healthy, but it can also prevent health problems that might otherwise be hard to treat.

For example, cats who groom themselves regularly have a much lower risk of developing hairballs or skin infections. Hairballs are usually caused by a cat eating too much hair or fur from grooming themselves—which can lead to digestive issues if left untreated. Regular grooming helps prevent this from happening by helping cats avoid ingesting too much hair or fur in the first place.

Similarly, grooming can help prevent skin infections by preventing bacteria from building up on the skin—which can lead to infection when not removed properly. The more often you groom your cat, the more likely they are to avoid these types of infections altogether!






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