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Aquael Aqua4 Kids Rect Kit

Size: 41x25x25

Perfect Gift young starters.

Aquael Aqua4 Kids Rect Kit includes

  • Energy-Efficient Led
  • FAN MINI Filter
  • Aquael Fix 25 Heater
  • Thermometer
  • Fish Food
  • Aquarium Water Conditioner
  • Fish Net
  • Decoration Plant

AQUA4  – modern aquarium sets equipped with the energy-efficient LED lighting modules.

The AQUA4 sets are fully equipped and include a fish tank with a rectangular or oval (panoramic) front wall; an  exceptionally durable injection-moulded lid with inbuilt lighting and a flap for fish feeding; an automatic heater; a carefully chosen high-performance internal filter; and aquarium matt. As an additional bonus, we included fish food and water conditioner (water conditioner is supplied with the AQUA 4 KIDS and START models). The aquarium lid is equipped with the SMART OPEN system, which eliminates the need for hinges and props in order to raise the lid. Through a network of tubules built into the lid, condensed water is collected and discharged back into the tank. At the back of the lid, there are special grooves to facilitate the cutting of openings for the installation of a hang-on or canister filter (note that by making such openings in the lid you do not forfeit manufacturer’s warranty).

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