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ADS Terra Glass Jar

  • High-quality and crystal clear glass
  • For a special visual highlight
  • Suitable for very small and medium-sized plants
  • Glass lid included in scope of delivery

With the ADS Terra Glass Jar, the uniqueness of nature can be experienced in a new way. This  glass pot is a special way to create a little piece of nature in the home or office. With its clear, round shape and high-quality glass, the Terra Glass Jar offers a unique way to present plants and hardscape in style.
The clear glass of the ADS Terra Glass Jar allows an undistorted view of the layout and the growth of the plants. In this way, the development process of the plants can be closely observed.

The ADS Terra Glass Jar is ideal for meeting the needs of small plants such as anubias, bucephalandras, cryptocorynes, ferns or mosses. Depending on requirements, small succulents, tillandsias, orchids or even carnivorous plants can also be used for the layout. The robust glass offers plenty of room for creative possibilities to make a layout come true in a small space. A single plant can also be placed in the centre of attention.

Thanks to its thoughtful design, theADS Terra Glass Jar is easy to handle and maintain. The removable glass cover allows convenient access to the plant for care. Without the cover, the plants can also grow far beyond the glass if the conditions of the environment allow it.





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