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Aquael Magnet Glass CLeaner 2in1 FLoaty 5-10mm L

Size: Medium 5-10mm Glass Thickness

AQUAEL presents another novelty product: MAGNET CLEANER 2 IN 1 is a versatile dual-function magnetic cleaner for quick and easy removal of algae from the walls of freshwater and marine aquariums made of glass or acryl.


MAGNET CLEANER 2 IN 1 is unique in that it is equipped with a double (in fact, even triple) cleaning system that employs a conventional scraper and a soft brush that does not scratch the surface. The set includes two scrapers that can be interchangeably attached to the cleaner depending on the needs: one is made of steel and is intended for cleaning glass tanks, while the other is made of plastic and is intended for tanks made of polymethyl methacrylate, commonly known as acryl, which are more delicate and prone to mechanical damage (scratching). Owing to this solution, the MAGNET CLEANER 2 IN 1 works even in the most challenging conditions and can be used to remove from the tank walls all kinds of algae, including hard calcareous algae that are formed in marine aquariums. In addition, the new cleaners are exceptionally convenient to use. Thanks to the big ergonomic handle, cleaning even very large surfaces becomes effortless. Owing to the floating inner part, the operation of the cleaner can be continued even if its elements become detached by accident.

The new MAGNET CLEANER 2 IN 1 devices are available in a wide range of sizes designed for tanks with glass/acrylic walls of various thickness, even for very large tanks with walls up to 18mm thick.

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